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North Yorkshire
1000x610 Our Business - North Yorkshire CC

Since 1st April 2012, Ringway teams have been delivering highways maintenance and improvement services to North Yorkshire County Council. The contract provides Ringway with an opportunity to deliver a high quality highways maintenance service which meets the needs of local people until 2022.


Our teams are out across North Yorkshire 365 days a year delivering all aspects of highway maintenance and improvements including: road and footway repairs, gully emptying, grass cutting, bridge repair and maintenance, street lighting maintenance. We also manage a fleet workshop which provides servicing, repairs and recovery of the Council’s commercial vehicles, the fleet of staff company cars and other Ringway vehicles in the North Yorkshire area.  

It is a huge task, with over 5,500 miles of roads and 2,600 miles of footways, over 2,000 bridges, 45,000 streetlights and over 300 traffic signal installations, but we are using the expertise from within our business to improve and maintain this vital transport infrastructure. Using our skilled local workforce, with pride in their patch, we are providing a safe and sustainable highway network for the benefit of local businesses and the people of North Yorkshire.


Please visit North Yorkshire County Council for more information on transport and streets.