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We are interested in you as an individual and are committed to coaching, mentoring and developing you into skilled, fully trained employees.  Upon completion of the Apprenticeship Scheme, you will be able to provide the Company with the specialist skills that we need to maintain the success of our operations. So you are very important to us!

What is an Apprenticeship?
An apprenticeship refers to on-the-job training which leads to nationally recognised qualifications.  It is a form of vocational training which enables individuals to earn a wage while at the same time learning the skills necessary to succeed in their chosen career. They are designed by employers for employers and are therefore tailored to meet the needs of the individual business. Apprenticeships combine on and off the job training:
• On the job - you will work on site or in our offices to acquire the necessary practical skills which contribute towards a work based qualification
• Off the job – you will spend time with the learning provider t enable you to acquire the necessary technical skills and theoretical knowledge

Why follow an Apprenticeship?
You will:
• Have  a real job following your chosen career
• Receive a recognised qualification
• Earn while you learn
• Learn specific skills which employers really want
• Receive full support from our training providers and college partners
• Be able to use your existing skills and knowledge
• Make a real and meaningful contribution to the business
• Benefit from our investment in you