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Network management

Local Authorities have a legal duty to co-ordinate works to facilitate the movement of traffic on the public highway. Drawing upon over 40 years’ experience we support our clients by proactively planning and programming works in a way that minimises disruption to the travelling public and allows local events, maintenance and the work of third parties to be delivered effectively.


Our teams coordinate works using an ‘Operations Hub’ approach which brings together vital functions such as scheduling and works programming to carefully plan and make the best use of network availability, in liaison with local people, businesses, utility companies, transport providers and other organisations.


As part of our Highways PFI contracts in Hounslow and the Isle of Wight we have taken over full responsibility for network management. In Hertfordshire we are responsible for managing an Integrated Traffic Control Centre in collaboration with the Council, enhancing our ability to respond to incidents and emergencies on the network in a coordinated way.